Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bleeding Gums Could Be a Sign That You Need To See a Cameron Park Dentist

For more than 20 years, Dr. Michael Wadden has been practicing dentistry and opened his Cameron Park Dentist office fifteen years ago. Dr. Wadden is committed to providing his patients with the most comfortable and caring experience for all procedures including cosmetic dentistry, Cameron Park Dentist exams, cleanings and restorations.

The best Cameron Park Dentist is just a phone call away, and if you have been dealing with bleeding gums, it is time to make an appointment with a professional Cameron Park Dentist. According to Colgate, bleeding gums could be a sign of Periodontal Disease, but the only way to be certain is to schedule a thorough exam with the best Cameron Park Dentist in the Sacramento area.

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums. Your Cameron Park Dentist, Dr. Michael Wadden, will tell you that periodontaldisease is usually cause by lack of brushing and flossing. If you do not brush or floss your teeth regularly, plaque will begin to build up on your teeth. This plaque will eventually harden and become what is known as tarter. Advanced stages of periodontal disease can cause chewing problems, bleeding gums, and in some cases, tooth loss.

Your Cameron Park Dentist will determine if in fact you are suffering from gum disease by giving you a periodontal exam. Unlike some Dentists in Cameron Park, Dr. Wadden always performs a periodontal exam during a regular checkup. During your exam, your Cameron Park Dentist will use a small probe in order to measure the space between your gums and your teeth. Healthy pockets, technically known as sulcus, should not bleed if there is a depth of less than three millimeters. If the pockets are deeper, it is a sure sign of periodontal disease. Depending on the depth of your pockets, you could fall into one of three categories, Gingivitis, which is the first stage, Periodontitis, the second stage, and finally Advanced Periodontitis.

The last thing you want to risk is losing your teeth, which could very well happen if you let your bleeding gums continue without scheduling an exam with your Cameron Park Dentist. Don’t wait until it is too late and call Dr. Wadden, or schedule an appointment with the best Cameron Park Dentist online today.