Sunday, September 1, 2013

Prevent Dental Decay With Dental Sealants

Proper dental care begins with brushing and flossing, but unless you schedule regular appointments with your Dentist in Cameron Park, you could be asking for trouble, especially where your kids teeth are concerned.

Your Cameron Park Dentist Dr. Michael Walden from Cameron Park Dental Care recommends that you schedule your child’s first dental appointment when the first tooth appears even if your son or daughter is under the age of one.

During your child’s first visit, your Dentistin Cameron Park will get to know your son or daughter, examine his or her teeth, and look for tooth decay, gum problems or discoloration. With regular checkups, your kids could grow up with no problems, but even kids that brush and floss can be prone to tooth decay, and if that happens to your kids talk to Cameron Park Dental Care about dental sealants.

Dental sealants are applied to the fissures and pits in your molars and the premolars of your kids and teenagers. These deep groves are the reason that 75 percent of dental decay occurs. Because the pits and fissures are difficult to clean, they are very susceptible to cavities. Dental Sealants are plastic coatings that are applied to the premolars and molars giving the teeth an easy to clean, smooth surface that can last for years.

Children, tweens, teens, and adults are all good candidates for dental sealants. Occasionally your Cameron Park Dentist may even recommend dental sealants for your kid’s baby teeth.

Children and teenagers can be good candidates for sealants as soon as the first permanent back teeth begin to appear. Dental sealants are also good during the cavity prone years from ages 6 to 16.

Adults can also schedule an appointment with a Cameron Park Dentist for dental sealants if the surfaces of their teeth are free from tooth decay and have depressions or deep grooves.

Your Dentist in Cameron Park will apply a sealant to each tooth after thoroughly cleaning and drying the area. Once dry your Cameron Park Dentist will apply a solution to the surface of your tooth that helps the dental sealant bond to your tooth. After they are rinsed and dried the sealant material is painted on the enamel of your teeth in order to cover the depressions and deep grooves. The sealants will harden either with a curing light or automatically.

Sealants can protect your teeth and the teeth of your children for years, but not without regular checkups from your Cameron Park Dentist as dental sealants can chip and wear. Schedule an appointment today with Cameron Park Dental Care and find out if you and your children are good candidates for dental sealants.