Thursday, August 1, 2013

Restorative Dentistry with the Best Dentist in Cameron Park

Cameron Park Dentistry can help you restore your smile back to the way it used to be. Schedule an appointment with the best Dentist in Cameron Park and you will have taken the first step towards dental restoration.

According to your favorite Cameron Park Dentist tooth decay has started to diminish because of fluoride, new dental techniques, and products. With that being said, your Cameron Park Dentist will tell you that tooth decay still does exist. Regardless of your age, you can be susceptible to infection, decays, breakage and all sorts of tooth and gum issues, but because of the best Dentist in Cameron Park, there is something that you can do about it.

Thanks to your Cameron Park Dentist and modern technology, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Walden to discuss dental restorations. Ask your Cameron Park Dentist about onlay restorations, inlay restorations, composite fillings, fixed bridges, dentures and partial bridges and caps. Dr. Walden will be able to restore all of your teeth back to their normal function, appearance, and shape.

An inlay restoration consists of fillings that are custom made by your Cameron Park Dentist. The inlay restorations are made of tooth-colored porcelain, gold or a composite material. Your Cameron Park Dentist will permanently cement your new inlays into your tooth.

Onlays are similar to inlay restorations and are the perfect alternative to caps and crowns because less of the actual tooth is removed. Onlays are not permanent and may need to be replaced although they are extremely durable. Onlays are useful for fractured or broken teeth, decayed teeth, large fillings, fractured fillings, or cosmetic enhancement.

Some of the reasons to consider restorative dentistry include smile enhancement, gaps between your teeth, tooth loss prevention, dental pain, bite correction, missing teeth replacement, repair decayed and damaged teeth, and to restore chewing and eating habits back to normal. These are just a few of the reasons to consider restorative dentistry with Dr. Walden and Cameron Park Dentistry.  

The best Dentist in Cameron Park will discuss your available options and recommend the most logical solutions for the health of your mouth and your wallet. Dr. Walden will provide you with the professional care and expertise that you have come to expect from your favorite Cameron Park Dentist.

Make an appointment today for a no obligation consultation for restorative dentistry with the best Cameron Park Dentist, Dr. Michael Walden.